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Business Architecture

Business Architecture is about enhancing accountability across the enterprise. Business architecture is a game changing discipline that allows a business to establish a common vocabulary, shared vision and level of transparency that facilitates initiatives ranging from mergers and acquisitions to deployment of new strategic business models. Even as business architecture success stories emerge, the message has been slow to penetrate the executive suite.

Re:Define IM through its experience of years and methodology will provide its customers the common vocabulary and level of transparency. This will enable our customers to

> Deliver transparency and clarity to enable stakeholder collaboration, issue analysis, and problem resolution
> Provide transparency across business units, product lines, and outsourced teams to enable cross-functional planning and ensure that funded initiatives are not working at cross-purposes
> Align business processes across business units and product lines, delivering stakeholder-focused benefits far beyond traditional “lean” or similar process-streamlining exercises
> Offer management teams a holistic view of the business that extends to outsourced, customer, and other stakeholder domains
> Establish a framework of concepts that allows the business to clearly communicate current-state business challenges and articulate a business-centric vision for the future
> Allow the business to take ownership and drive transformation strategies through business-centric roadmaps and funding models
> Offer IT a way to recast project-funding discussions in terms of business capabilities and stakeholder value, streamlining often difficult IT budget discussions

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Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

EIM is the effort and practice of reaching across all data and application silos embedded in the organization’s operating infrastructure; then binding those repositories together into one effective information management environment where information is delivered to the person who needs it, when they need it, and how they need it.

Re: Define EIM would partner with customers to create a vision of where it wants to go and set goals that support, drive and measure success towards that vision. We would then build an EIM strategy along with our customers to achieve the vision. The qualified team of Re:Define EIM would also assist with the implementation of the necessary EIM platform.

With the help of Re:Define EIM customers would be able to overcome their long list of challenges:

> Legacy systems that create information silos
> Security concerns including employees using consumer cloud services for enterprise work
> Compliance with a diverse, global regulatory environment
> Workforce enablement, collaboration and social business
> Mobile, social and cloud issues that solve some problems while creating new
> High expectations – for usability, power, and timeline from need to solution.

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